Andy Fenton (Minister)

Andy Fenton (CCE)

Life Story

I grew up in a family and extended family where everyone was a Christian, to many it might have seemed I had no choice - but I did. From a young age my parents impressed on me the need to make my own decision about the Christian faith. Yes they encouraged me to read the bible and find out more about the eternal life saving good news of the historic man Jesus Christ, but they were also confident enough in the evidence of the Christian faith that they also encouraged me to investigate other world views and religions.

That humble confidence of my parents, the good news that Jesus was willing to substitute himself for me on the cross and the immensity of God’s love that I could know through that - this is what made me as a young boy commit my life to Jesus Christ. 

It hasn’t been easy, but since that day God has patiently kept me through the ups and down of life. More than just that though, he has used some of those really difficult times to help me trust him even more and refine me in the process. That hasn’t made those tough times any easier (and we all face them) but it has helped to make some sense of the struggles. 

I grew up in Exeter (Devon) and then Sheffield (Yorkshire). I am a massive fan of sport and still love to try and keep ‘relatively’ fit. After leaving university I became a teacher in a boarding school, living up in York. Then my wife (Sarah) and I left the comfort of our professional lives to train as a minister in the Church of England. I trained at a theological college in North London and then moved to Wimbledon to work in a church there for the following 7 years as an assistant minister. 

We have been at Christ Church Earlsfield for the last 6 years and we have seen God work so wonderfully amongst us, it has been such a huge privilege. 

Prayer for CCE

My prayer for CCE is that we would continue to grow both numerically and in our love for God as we welcome people from all walks of life; those finding life easy and those finding life tough. That we would continue to be the welcoming, loving and giving community that God would have us be. And that we would carefully and faithfully teach God’s Word, the bible, in a way that speaks into our lives even today in London.   

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