Linda Trevitt (Women’s Worker)

Linda Trevitt (CCE)

Life Story

I grew up in Surrey (SE England) and was taken to church when I was very young.  As a teenager I probably would have called myself a Christian, and agreed intellectually to the truths that we read in the creed at school chapel, but Jesus and His death and resurrection made little difference to my day-to-day life.  In God’s kindness a teacher came to my school in 6th form who set up a Christian meeting, and invited a few of us to Christian summer camp events.  These were great opportunities for hearing the gospel clearly taught, yet while I agreed with what I heard, my lifestyle didn’t really change.  The Lord was patient with me and continued to place Christians in my path at university in Edinburgh, -they were great at inviting me to church and to CU.  Through hearing God’s word clearly taught and meeting Christians my own age, the Lord gradually changed what had been a mainly intellectual belief into a genuine trust in Christ and a desire to follow Him in all areas of my life.  Seeing the significance of student mission at university led me to volunteer with UCCF (Christian Unions) for a year in London, when I was first at Christ Church Earlsfield, and then two years doing student work in the Czech Republic (‘09-11).  It has been a privilege to be serving at CCE and doing women’s ministry in particular since then. (Further training has included the Cornhill training course ’12-‘14, and a Biblical Counselling course with CCEF ’14-'16)

Prayer for CCE

That we would grow in reading the Bible with each other to encourage and build each other up in Christ, and that we’d grow in courage and wisdom to share God’s word with those in the area who aren’t yet Christians, so that many more would come to know Christ.


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